Viewability Optimization

For digital publishers, as ad viewability scores drops, so does potential revenue and attractiveness to advertisers. Mezzobit slashes the viewability deficit by fixing issues related to technology latency and configuration, resulting in higher campaign yields and revenue.

Many publishers spend months of valuable product development time reinventing the wheel by building viewability enhancing tools that duplicate other sites. By incorporating these into an “instant-on” SaaS platform — supplemented with tools not available anywhere else — Mezzobit enables publishers to focus their resources on more strategic issues.


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Features include:

  • Dynamic rendering prioritization: When visitors arrive on your pages, their browsers go to work calling in ad code and rendering units without regard to what is actually in view. This results in ad units being rendered that may never be seen or ad units in view that never complete rendering — zero viewability scores in both instances. Mezzobit looks at what part of the page is visible to users and prioritizes ad calls located in that real estate. And as users roam the page, we continually examine their position and prioritize or deprioritize outstanding ad calls to ensure that local browser and network resources are spent on the most important items.
  • “Viewability in a box:” We provide highly configurable lazy loading and sticky/anchoring capability that can be customized to your site’s look and feel without writing a single line of code.
  • Smart refreshers: If your ad and page refreshers blindly fire when ad units are out of view or a page on a background tab, your viewability score erodes a little bit every minute. Mezzobit modifies existing refresher functionality to avoid this trap.
  • Latency-based ad call substitution: Even if everything goes right within the browser, a remote call can get hung up in a buyside ad server, exchange or a thousands other places. Mezzobit permits you to set a time-out for ad call latency and substitute a secondary call to a different provider, helping salvage revenue from an ad unit that would have otherwise yielded zero.
  • Spiders and bots: Fraud is an increasing problem that drains both revenue and trust from the ad ecosystem. When coupled with a customer’s third-party spider/bot list or API, Mezzobit’s powerful rules engine can change how individual ad units, affiliate tags, or other in-page code fire. This can both improve inventory quality while decreasing serving costs associated with automated traffic.
  • A/B testing: Not sure how a particular tool will affect your top line? Our platform permits targeting and testing any feature with subsets of your audience to finetune it before wide deployment.
  • Apply these powerful tools to any content element: Editorial and social page components also be benefit from Mezzobit’s viewability optimization technology.