As we’ve added thousands of companies to Mezzobit’s technology vendor database, our analysts continue to find subtle variation in exactly what defines specific verticals and subverticals.

It’s not enough to classify a vendor as an ad, marketing or pub tech company. For a site operator to better understand how visitors, data, and performance are affected, they often need to know exactly what a vendor does and how that compares against its peers. For our data scientists, fine-grained classification of vendors and tags helps us to more easily detect anomalies as well as automatically analyze never-before-seen code.

To this end, we’re pleased today to unveil the industry’s most comprehensive taxonomy of Internet technology companies, consisting of more than 300 categories and subcategories. We’ve used a three-level structure that lets users easily drill into greater detail. For example, a company may be classified as ad tech -> ad exchange -> video or pub tech -> content syndication -> podcasts.

One area where this will be immediately valuable is in Mezzobit’s competitive intelligence features, which provide lists of other locations where tags and companies have been spotted. Our scanners crawl millions of sites each month, in addition to anonymized data from customer sites. Because we’re executing pages and fully plumbing tag chains, Mezzobit is able to see page technology that competitive listing services overlook. We hope to soon use our new categories to provide better reporting to customers who are evaluating new vendors or sales and marketing executives assessing competitive positioning.

As you navigate the new structure and discover categories that you’d like for us to add, drop us a line.