When the average person looks at an x-ray, he may see just fuzzy black-and-white regions where a radiologist can visualize intricate bodily structures and diagnose maladies.

As Mezzobit scans more and more of the Internet, glimpsing millions of tags cluttering up websites, we too have developed a gimlet eye for seeing order in chaos. Kind of a Big Data Rorschach test.

Our data science team is hard at work to turn this human knowledge into algorithms and heuristics that automate spotting anomalies and keep Mezzobit customers from having to develop expertise in this fast-moving area. While we love talking about it, delving into the nuances of data collector tag clouds can quickly disperse any cocktail party (trust us — we know).

In the interim, we have begun collecting postcards from this hidden world and will begin to share them on gallery associated with this post. We have purposely deleted any labels identifying the sites or data collectors that glom onto them to keep things friendly. But if you corner us at the aforementioned party, we’ll be happy to break out the Director’s Cut with all the gory details.

If you have a site that you’d like to see posted here in all its anonymized glory that may top the assembled specimens, shoot us a note and we’ll check it out. Or better yet, sign up for our Audience Value Platform so you can do the same scan yourself and send us your own snapshot. Read more>