Audience Value Platform helps digital enterprises overcome critical challenges

Doing business online demands that your websites and mobile apps interact with dozens, sometimes hundreds, of business partners. But each piece of third-party code embedded in your digital properties places a tax on your business: slower performance, higher technology maintenance, and unknown leakage of visitor value.

Mezzobit repeals this tax with our innovative SaaS platform, simplifying your data relationships and finding ways to turn control into cash. This cloud-based solution’s four components can be used separately or as an integrated package.

Audience ControlViewability optimizationInstant scan

Audience Control Module

Mezzobit’s revolutionary technology watches every browser transaction, providing detailed insights into exactly what each third-party partner is doing to your audience.

And if we can observe it, we can control it. The ACM can block entire tags or just stop specific calls, permitting other transactions to proceed unimpeded. As the system learns more about your operations, our machine learning algorithms kick in to recommend and automatically configure rules.

The end result: share access to your audience only with the partners you want.

Instant Scan, which is included in ACM or available as a standalone tool, can scan any website from the outside and bring the same level of intelligence as ACM’s “inside out” data collection.

Viewability Optimization Module

For digital publishers, as ad viewability scores drops, so does potential revenue and attractiveness to advertisers. Mezzobit slashes the viewability deficit by fixing issues related to technology latency, resulting in higher campaign yields and revenue.

The VOM accelerates rendering of ads viewable to the user ahead of less-important and non-visible elements. When creative gets stuck in upstream pipes, Mezzobit can call in back-up ad units to prevent revenue loss due to external technology breakdowns. We also offer “viewability in a box” solutions such as lazy loading and sticky ads that permit publishers to quickly deploy and test viewability-enhancing measures without burning engineering time.