Surprise! For any country your website actively targets users — say, by running a targeted ad campaign — you need to display appropriate legal language to comply with local privacy laws.

For instance, complying with the EU e-Privacy Directive for users originating from EU countries means displaying a prominent notice indicating that a site uses third-party cookies, a link to the site’s privacy policy, and a method to acknowledge the message. As consumer concern about privacy increases and regulators take notice, it is likely that notification requirements will become more extensive.

As Mezzobit’s mission is to simplify and optimize everything related to data collection, we launched a beta late last year of a tool to make privacy notice compliance a breeze.

We’ve now put privacy notices into general release for all users. The new product, which is incorporated into our Trusted Data Interchange and is available free of charge for any user who signs up before March 31, does the following:

  • We provide boilerplate legal language for the major jurisdictions around the world where there are different requirements. While you should check with your attorney before using our language, this should greatly reduce the legal expenses involved in becoming compliant in any particular jurisdiction. This would cover cookie consent notices, privacy policies, and terms of service. A few templates are now posted and we’re adding new ones all the time. If there is a country or jurisdiction that you need and we don’t have, drop us a line and we’ll try to shuffle it to the front of the list.
  • We also provide tools to display these notices to users one of three ways: as a lightbox pop-up (as a layer on top of the target page as note to get blocked by pop-up blockers); embedded in the target page but clearly distinguishable as a notice at the top or bottom; or as inline text on the page. Full CSS options are available to permit users to style the notices to match the rest of the site. The full power of the TDI rules editor permits notices to be targeted in a multitude of ways: by geography of the user, by device type, by browser language, or pretty much any specific characteristic of the user’s browser. To use the notice feature, the only thing required is to have embedded a TDI container in the page (the same container used for tag management). No other client-side code changes are required.

Here are more details regarding this exciting function, as well as instructions on how to set up your own custom privacy policies.