Mezzobit’s Instant Scan tool enables digital enterprises to analyze all first- and third-party code and pixels on their websites. We’ve just added two new features that customers have been asking for:

  • Custom code injection: Sometimes you want to see how a page responds to a certain series of user actions, a new tag, or different environmental variables. You can now insert JavaScript into the scan either by pasting in code or providing a URL to an external tag. This code can be run either synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Ad-blocking simulation: Publishers are concerned about the impact of ad blocking on their sites. Brand marketers also have issues, as ad blockers shut down a lot of ad and marketing tech instrumentation that drive customer insights and conversion optimization. Instant Scan lets users enable AdBlock Plus during the scan to show exactly how tags are affected. By comparing tag chaining diagrams for blocked and unblocked impressions, site operators can understand exactly what’s getting shut down.

Instant Scan is already the most powerful site scanner available, with a database of 10,000+ code fragments and companies to identify even the most obscure ad/marketing-tech companies, the ability to spider multiple pages on sites, last-mile scanners in multiple locations in the US and Europe that can simulate many browsers and devices, and the collection of more than 100 metadata elements about each tag. The tool also visualizes tag chains, parent/child relationships, and performance waterfalls, with JSON and CSV data exports. Our quick start guide shows a full listing of all features.

We offer a seven-day free trial, as well as long-term free usage of the platform by privacy researchers, academics, and journalists.

For site operators who want to see every transaction, Mezzobit’s full Audience Value Platform enables scanning from the inside out, uncovering even more insights about how third-party data collectors interact with visitors.