circleMezzobit was launched to pull back the veil of complexity from how data collection and user tracking occur on the Internet, and bring greater transparency and accountability.

While our platform has helped hundreds of publishers and marketers gain better control of their digital properties, we also think the exposing this world has broader benefits for Internet users. And we’re not alone in that view, as journalists, academics and consumer advocates also have been on the vanguard of helping the public better understand the impact of data collection and tracking on privacy and browsing performance.

We’re pleased to announce that Mezzobit will help these efforts by offering our Instant Scan tool to qualified news media, universities and non-profits free of charge to power cutting-edge research and articles into this world. Click here to apply to use this tool, which can scan any website and gather data about all tags and pixels it finds. Additionally, Instant Scan uses our Audience Value Platform technology to visualize this data in several interesting ways. The diagram at left (which is interactive within the tool) shows the relationship between tags, with green representing parent tags and red representing child tags of the selected node.

For those who also want to use Instant Scan but don’t qualify for the program, we’re offering a limited time discount to let you try the tool. Website operators who want the full power of our Audience Value Platform will find Instant Scan already incorporated into the portal at no additional charge.