Did you ever want to just target a tag to a particular city, state or country?

Mezzobit has released geotargeting functionality for the Trusted Data Interchange (TDI) — the first available in a free tag management system.

To use this feature, just create a rule that has “Location” as one of the parameters. When editing the rule, you can specify country, city, state, and postal code as potential parameters. The system will provide some suggested items once you start typing letters. Then just connect this rule to a tag, and the tag has been geocoded.

Mezzobit will geocode any user whose tag set includes a geotargeted rule. As with any IP lookup, there are instances where the correct geography may not be returned, such as for users using VPNs or on corporate network WANs.

For more information on this feature or to leave a question, consult the geotargeting article in our growing knowledgebase.