Mezzobit’s non-profit partner,, has announced its first board members, drawing upon experienced professionals from the privacy, academic, ad technology, and media communities.

DataNeutrality provides data governance and compliance services to Mezzobit, helping the company to establish the industry’s highest levels of transparency and accountability around its data protocols. The board, which will ultimately include representation from Mezzobit customers and consumer advocates, will provide oversight for the organization as well as collaborate with Mezzobit on how to address emerging issues in web and mobile data privacy.

“The board members represent a wealth of expertise in both consumer privacy and enterprise data, adding to the depth of the existing DataNeutrality team,” said Mezzobit CEO Joseph Galarneau.

“DataNeutrality is the perfect antidote to the growing distrust around Internet data collection,” he added. “First-party publishers and marketers don’t know what their data partners are collecting, and consumers are fearful that their privacy is not being respect. Complete openness is the only way out of this morass, but the data industry historically has been less than forthcoming about what happens behind the scenes. Mezzobit’s partnership with DataNeutrality represents a new way of rebuilding trust across the data ecosystem.”

Full details about the new board members can be found on the DataNeutrality website.