Regulators around the world don’t make it easy for website operators to stay legal regarding data privacy.

For the past four years, Forrester Research has published a tool that graphically provides an overview of the evolution and patchwork of privacy laws.

This week, they released the latest version, highlighting recent trends. Analyst Christopher Sherman wrote in Forbes that there is global momentum toward the European Union’s model.

“(This) has led to new laws and better protection for the consumer,” he said. “Many non-EU countries have passed laws over the past 12 months that bring the world’s collective standards around data privacy closer to the high-water mark laid out by the EU’s overarching Privacy Directive.”

“For instance, countries such as Malaysia and South Africa have recently passed new data privacy frameworks that closely follow the EU’s lead. South Africa has even gone one step farther and implemented provisions that will likely be implemented by the future EU Privacy Directive updates.”