In the era of responsive design, there are sometimes dozens of hacks made to accommodate specific user environments, such as OS, browser and device. This can add a lot of overhead to front-end development processes, and requires ongoing maintenance with the release of new user technology.

Our latest release of Mezzobit’s Trusted Data Interchange (TDI) tag management module, makes this a lot easier.

Previously, users could create rules to govern tag execution on a variety of criteria, such as URL, referrer, geographic location of the visitor, and pretty much any variation in the browser environment. Rules also could be created keyed to user agent, but customers had to create their own parsing statements to tease out the elements that were important to their rules.

The new functionality creates more than 20 filters on user agent to permit powerful rules based on aspects of the visitor’s browser, hardware and OS such as version, type, and manufacturer, even down to patch level.

For instance, if you want to have one tag fire when the user is coming from an iOS device and another tag to fire when it’s Android, this rule can be created in minutes. Same is true when you want to create tags targeted for the wired versus mobile web.

And of course, this is all free for an unlimited number of monthly impressions, reinforcing Mezzobit’s leadership in providing the most powerful free tag management solution, as well as the most trusted one.

Detailed configuration information about this new feature can be found in our knowledgebase.