Audience control

Every pageview brings with it dozens — and sometimes hundreds — of third-party tags and pixels. Some are from known partners, and others are from companies with whom you have no relationship.

No matter the source, each poses a potential threat to your business:

For publishers: Loss of revenue from unauthorized retargeting and data sales.

For e-commerce and brand marketers: Potential for your data to be used by competitors to power marketing campaigns targeted to your customers.

For regulated industries: Lack of control over how consumer data is collected and visitors tracked can result in increased compliance headaches and legal liability.

Mezzobit’s Audience Control module acts like a firewall for data, letting enterprises understand precisely what’s happening on their websites and shutting down out-of-bounds activities. Also, our tools can scan any website on the Internet — yours, competitors’, or prospects’ — to provide split-second insights into third-party tags.



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Features include:

  • Gather detailed information on site operations: We just don’t take a periodic look at your website. Mezzobit’s monitoring code inspects every site transaction in real time to capture extensive data on all tags and pixels, no matter how they find their way to your site. And our patent-pending “no phone home” architecture ensures that our data-gathering has no impact on page latency.
  • Block offending tags: Using our powerful rules engine, you can shut down any tag that steps out of bounds.
  • Simple implementation: Our core monitoring and control functionality only requires a few lines of code on web pages. Our system works seamlessly with leading tag management systems as well as without a TMS, but customers are welcome to use Mezzobit’s free TMS for power without price.
  • Scan external websites: Our microscope can also be a telescope. Mezzobit can gather detailed tag data on any website, relying on the same database of thousands of third-party code signatures to tell you exactly who’s doing what.
  • View performance data: Want to know how a specific tag is degrading site performance? We gather executional stats organized by tag chain to show how page and DOM load are affected.
  • We’re experts, so you don’t have to be: Our data scientists have developed proprietary metrics to score each tag against the universe of hundreds of thousands that we see across billions of monthly transactions. The Mezzobit score provides a simple 0-100% percentile on how each tag compares on the basis of data collection, user tracking, UI modification, data security, and tag chaining. And we color-code our visualizations so you can quickly zero in on the worst offenders.