November 9, 2015

We’ve gotten great response to Mezzobit’s ad blocking metrics product, which feeds stats about blocking to publishers’ analytics systems to enable deeper analysis. We’re planning on releasing some detailed data on what we’re seeing across tens of millions of users globally. But in the interim, we wanted to make it even easier for publishers to get free insight into this growing issue.

So for the 19% of all websites that run WordPress, we have launched a free plug-in (downloadable here) that eliminates the need to make changes to templates. Simply provide a few pieces of information through our free registration process and you’ll receive a site ID. Enter this ID into the plug-in’s configuration screen, and once you validate your account, the data starts flowing. This plug-in does not interfere with page rendering, ad serving or ad-blocking extensions. It gathers data about whether ad blocking is detected on the page level, as well as whether specific ad units or sitewide ad sizes experience blocking.

You can use your familiar Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst or Piwik tools to analyze this data and correlate it with dozens of audience attributes such as referrer, geography, content consumption, and platform to understand exactly what your most valuable visitors are doing. Mezzobit will send you a free analysis of your data, comparing your results to the rest of our network (anonymously, of course). And if you want to go further and recover those lost ad impressions, we can develop a customized recovery plan that targets specific responses to audience segments.