Mezzobit has been monitoring ad blocking activity across an array of sites over the past few months in an effort to help publishers better understand the details of how their most valuable visitors are using this technology.

Here are some quick stats that we’ve uncovered for data gathered during December:

  • 10.3% of visitors observed blocked one or more ads. As our dataset is tilted towards the US, when we normalize this for the number of Internet users per country, the rate rises to 13.0%.
  • Not surprisingly, desktop users blocked ads at a much higher rate (17.2%) than mobile users (1.2%).
  • There is not a significant different in blocking rates based on traffic source, with referrals from other sites having the highest rate (11.4%) and social traffic having the lowest (7.5%).
  • The blocking rates of popular ad units varied significantly, driven mainly by whether they are included in mobile responsive designs. Leaderboards (728×90) were blocked at 11.9%, with half page ads (300×600) at 15.6%, and medium rectangles (300×250) at 8.2%.

Publishers wishing to get a free analysis of their sites can sign up here. We’ll send along a detailed report with their own stats as well as push the metrics to their in-house analytics system (such as Google or Adobe) for deeper investigation in specific audience segments. Also included in this data is ad blocking stats for specific ad units and ad sizes, which helps publishers tie these activities to revenue loss, as well as session depth and repeat visitation. Other ad blocking posts can be found here.

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Ad blocking by country
Here are the blocking rates for the top 10 largest nations by Internet usage:

  1. China: 8.0%
  2. United States: 8.3%
  3. India: 14.0%
  4. Japan: 9.8%
  5. Brazil: 16.7%
  6. Russia: 19.0%
  7. Germany: 26.0%
  8. Nigeria: 15.8%
  9. United Kingdom: 12.8%
  10. France: 24.2%


Ad blocking by referrer type

Site type

Some sites are included in multiple categories:
Ad blocking by site type