Ad blocking has gone from a minor annoyance to a major headache over the past year for many publishers. A Mezzobit study of data from publishers in the US, South America and Europe shows ad-blocking rates ranging from 5% to more than 14% of total traffic.

As many publishers now scramble to create a strategy to deal with the potential revenue loss, they often lack of solid data upon which to base their actions. Ad blocking is not a monolithic problem, and publishers need to correlate the value of users, as well as their acquisition cost, with ad-blocking to understanding the true impact. It may be that ad blocking is concentrated among hard-to-monetize users (such as those outside geographic ad target areas) or among users with already low sessions duration. Just gathering a single ad-blocking statistic isn’t enough.

Mezzobit is filling this need with an innovative program that gives publishers the ability to gather deep insights on blocking and implement a nuanced response strategy:

  • Fourteen days of free ad-blocking data: After dropping a one-line code snippet into a webpage, site operators can begin receiving ad-blocking metrics minutes later directly into their familiar analytics platform, such as Google Analytics, Piwik or Adobe SiteCatalyst. This enables publishers to quickly develop insights with familiar tools. No integration is required with ad servers or CMSes, nor does our monitoring platform interfere with ad rendering or site operations.
  • Analysis of ad-blocking insights: Mezzobit will analyze the data to produce a free report outlining key trends of how ad blocking correlates to user behavior, visitor attributes such as geography and technology platforms, referrers, and content consumption.
  • Develop response strategy: Publishers can use Mezzobit’s Blocking Response Wizard, combined with a consultation with our analytics specialists, to formulate a plan that best fits their business needs.
  • Partner with Mezzobit to implement effective responses: Our Audience Value Platform gives publishers the industry’s widest array of ad-blocking responses, such as serving alternate ads, changing editorial content presentation, presenting intercepts, A/B testing responses, and targeting actions based on visitor characteristics. No interference with ad blocker operation or end-running browser plug-ins with technical tricks that could result in repercussions.

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