As dozens of companies have begun using Mezzobit’s free tag management platform, we’ve gotten plenty of requests to add more features that are only available on platforms costing tens of thousands per year. Among the most asked-for features was to add A/B testing capability.

So we’re pleased to announce that we’ve now include this capability in general release. Lots of folks use bigger platforms like Optimizely or Monetate to do large-scale testing, but sometimes you’re just looking to evaluate a new widget provider, data service or something smaller scale. Or maybe you want to make a small tweak to your UI and measure the effects.

Mezzobit lets you do A/B testing on a tag basis without having to disrupt the rest of your page (and pay for testing impressions you really don’t need). When you create a tag in Mezzobit, create a handful of variants you want to test and then assign a sampling probability to them. The system will then rotate these tags through production. No coding or complex set up required.

Detailed setup information about this new feature can be found in our knowledgebase.