Who’s the boss of your digital properties? You are.

For the first time, digital publishers and brand marketers can completely control third-party interactions with web and mobile visitors and stop unauthorized data collection, thanks to Mezzobit’s Audience Value Platform. Not only can this control boost revenue and cut costs, but our products speed up site and ad performance, making for happier visitors and advertisers. Learn more:

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Powering 500+ great digital brands such as

Restore audience control and recapture lost revenue

Mezzobit acts like a firewall for audience data, empowering digital enterprises to choose exactly what is collected and tracked about their visitors. Shutting down data leakage stops others from picking your pockets.

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Conquer the ad viewability deficit and improve inventory value

Get an instant pop to your viewability score and the increased ad revenue that comes along with it. Only Mezzobit dynamically optimizes ad rendering to start the viewability clock faster. We also help ensure your ads are seen by providing ad blocking metrics and responses targeted to specific visitor groups.

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Trust us to treat your data and audience with respect

Mezzobit was founded to be on the side of digital publishers and brands, always. Our revolutionary “active transparency” will make sure that customers can know what’s happening behind-the-scenes.

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